Human – A Poem

I am only Human
A creature of the earth
My body flawed and finite
With an untamed soul, full of mirth
My thoughts a mix of beauty and despair
My heart ruled by anxiety and care
I’m often judged without mercy or grace
With expectations that sometimes seem misplaced
Sometimes my actions seem too bold
Yet mostly I’m uncertain and cold
My perspectives shift every which way
They often hold no logic, I freely say
My mouth lashes out, with words so abrupt
Sometimes, I don’t know how I can perform with such corrupt
But then I see the beauty I have inside
A love so deep, an accompanying pride
My softness, compassion and vulnerability too
Makes me human, how I so long to fill this demand to be true
To my soul, to you, to the world that surrounds me
I am only human, I’m starting to see.

Aanya Anand

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