My Farewell Letter For My Principal

Hello everyone! It’s me Aanya, in this article I will share my farewell letter to my principal.
so let’s get started.

Me receiving my trophy by my principal

Dear Mrs. Bailey,

I am going to miss you so much. 

You were the best principle I ever saw, you were kind to everyone, you helped everyone and you had the leading skill that every leader should have.

I have a memorable moment with you when I grabbed the 2nd place in the “Oratorical Competition 2019.

And the proudest moment for me was when I received the trophy by you.

When I go to the school for any reason, I see a poster that gives a strong message to everyone that this planet can not afford having hate and says ”No Place For Hate.”

This poster makes me feel proud because this message means a lot for me. This message teaches a lesson of love and humanity.   

The school would not have achieved this much without your help.

I am going to miss you,


Aanya Anand

Grade 4,

Caraway Elementary


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